About us

Dal Ben Giardini specialises in design, realisation and conservation of green spaces.

We have been working in Veneto for 20 years, in the departments of Venice, Treviso and Padua.

We are specilised in taking care of gardens and industrial green spaces which have a strategic role for the image of the company.

Sede Dal Ben Giardini Venezia
Why do I love gardens?
«Everything comes from the nostalgia for the landscape of my childhood that, day after day, was destroyed by the warehouses. This was a real pain and I want to do something to repair this injury»

Germano Dal Ben

To find again the lost harmony…

Andrea Zanzotto, a Venetian poet, considered the loss of the landscape of his childood a “terrible mourning” and I completely agree.

That’s how my passion started. I was lucky as in the last years I’ve met lot of people with my same feelings who decided to put their spaces in my hands to find again the lost harmony.


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