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progettazione giardini e aree verdi


The preparatory activities consist of some meetings with the customers to understand expectations and needs and to study the location; then we provide a provisional project and from that we start a reflection. Read more…

realizzazione prati


Our company has always adopted a precise philosphy: every tool must be available in our headquarters in order to give the fastest and the most competitive service to our costumers.
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rasatura prato treviso

Garden maintenance

We are always ready to offer a punctual service in the maintenance of your garden. We offer cutting-edge, eco-friendly solutions and procedures: they respect the green economy managemet. Read more…

rasatura prati

Lawn mowing

In order to keep a well-finished, thick and homogeneous garden is important to proceed with the lawn mowing. Read more…

Potatura alberi Treviso

Tree pruning

We have all the equipment needed to do the procedure, even in places difficult to reach.
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Vegetable garden planning

More and more people have been asking for our help to plan vegetable gardens.
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Abbattimento alberi Treviso


In case of old or sick trees, it may be necessary to proceed with the felling.
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Disinfestazioni e trattamenti anti zanzare Scorzè

Anti mosquito treatments

We have suitable techniques, with sure and products of high-quality.
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Trattamenti contro le malattie del prato

Phytosanitary treatments

We offer phytosanitary treatments respecting the physical characteristics of the plants. Read more…

Perfect Golf Green

Air Lawn Care

With the air lawn care the grass avoids the moulds, it will not turn yellow or dry.
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concimazione prati e giardini


With an appropiate fertilization the lawn remains green, healthy and free from weeds.
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addobbi natalizi

Christmas decorations

Decorations, festoons, garlands, lights. Put the decoration of your house, garden or company in our hands.

Realizzazione giardini

Core drilling

The core-drilling allows to draw small cylinders of terrain from the subsoil, creating spaces for water and oxygen. Read more…

Garden sprinkler

Irrigation systems

Irrigation systems, from the design to the management of the installation.
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